Electric Decade

The Electric Decade has begun, and we are on the verge of the fifth industrial revolution. A revolution powered by clean, decarbonised electricity. A revolution leading to net-zero emission transport, buildings, and industries. But no sustainable change was ever achieved without a clear strategy.

An Electrification Strategy is a must if we are to unleash the necessary transformations for carbon neutrality. The winds of change are blowing and for the first time ever consumers, businesses, and governments alike are all asking for the same thing: a reliable and affordable clean energy transition. A holistic Electrification Strategy, linking all sectors that can be directly or indirectly electrified, needs to be at the core of a transformation which demands unprecedented speed and scale.

Electric Decade: challenges & opportunities

Electric Decade: challenges & opportunities Download report

Electric Decade: Policy actions & recommendations

Electric Decade: Policy actions & recommendations Download report

Electric Decade: challenges & opportunities

As the Electric Decade unfolds, we will have to reach increasingly ambitious carbon reduction targets. This drive to net-zero has a fundamentally different dynamic to that of any previous transition: it is driven by a sense of urgency and new consumer values. What role will the electricity companies play in tackling this challenge? How will carbon neutral technologies pave a sustainable way forward? Find out more on the meta-trends that will emerge throughout the coming “Electric Decade”

The Electric Decade: Policy actions & recommendations

No fight has ever been won without a strategy. As we race against the clock to decarbonise our economy, an Electrification Strategy is urgently needed. What should it entail? Firstly, system efficient decarbonisation that prioritises direct electrification across all sectors, and indirect electrification where this is unfeasible. Second, empowering consumers to drive the energy transition is indispensable. Third, foster decarbonisation of energy using sectors, by modernising the power system. Discover the five pillars of this vital Electrification Strategy here.

Press statement

Press statement

The European Commission must urgently develop and implement an integrated “Electrification Strategy” to unlock the full potential of a major uptake of clean electricity. This is the call at the heart of Eurelectric’s policy recommendations for an Electric Decade released today, together with an analysis on the benefits resulting from mass electrification.

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