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Enlit is a community that for 365-days a year will collaborate and innovate to solve the most pressing energy-related issues. At the European live edition, the Enlit community will come together for three days in Milan in November to meet and inspire each other and to develop their discussions and actions into a plan for the coming year.

In the meantime, join us online for the latest news, inspiring stories, insights, marketplace and virtual events via our online platform.

And so the Enlit circle begins: a constantly growing, inclusive and end-to-end forum that addresses every aspect of Europe’s energy transition.

Find out more here about Enlit Europe and join us online, or live from 30 November – 2 December in Milan.

Connect. Inspire. Evolve.

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Rogier Kuttschreuter

Rogier Kuttschreuter

Head of Industry insights & Engagement, Enlit