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Opening Session

From here to 2030

EU ETS Reform: one step at a time

  David Bryson presentation

24/7 Carbon-free energy

Rewriting the grid for our future together

Ana Aguado Scholarship Award

Market design for investments

  Fabien Roques presentation

Generation X,Y,Z

Sector Integration

Grid Flexibility - enabler of a clean energy future

  Stephen Woodhouse presentation


Filling the investment gap

Digitalisation in the DSO of the future

Ultra-fast charging

  Elena Rodriguez presentation

Presidency Dialogue & Conclusions


Minister Van der Straeten speech for Eurelectric Power Summit 2021 - 'Offshore – the new frontier'

Cleaning Up Power Summit Special with Nigel Topping

Electric Decade report - key findings presented by Wytse Kaastra

  Wytse Kaastra presentation

IEA Net Zero Roadmap presented by Mechthild Worsdorfer

Interview with Peter Hinssen and Steven Van Belleghem

  Steven Van Belleghem presentation

Redefining Energy podcast - Special episode with E.ON CEO, Leonhard Birnbaum

Interview with Frédéric GODEMEL, Executive Vice-Pres. Power Systems & Services, Schneider Electric

Eurelectric videos

E.ON drone Show


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